Happy Earth Day! Fifth Group Celebrates with Sustainability

April 19, 2018

Earth Day 2018’s official goal is to end plastic pollution, and Fifth Group is right on theme: We’ve traded the 500,000 plastic straws we previously used each year for biodegradable compostable straws and plastic stirrers for bamboo stir sticks. We think this effort to reduce the 500 million plastic straws Americans use daily is a great place to start.

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April 19, 2018

Mezzogiorno, which translates to midday, is the term of endearment given to southern Italy where a blazing sun heats up villages with a commanding glow and the azure blue waters abound with life.

Easter Brunch at La Tavola

April 1, 2018

Looking for Easter Sunday plans? La Tavola will be serving their Sunday brunch with extra special dishes on offer to celebrate the holiday.¬†We’ll be open for brunch early, starting at 10 am and running to 3 pm. (We reopen for dinner at 5:30 pm.)

To make your reservation, click here or call 404.873.5430 today.

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