Gluten-Free Dinner in Atlanta

Gluten-Friendly Dinner

Before you order, please tell your server if you are allergic to gluten. Keep in mind that our dishes are prepared in kitchens that handle many other wheat products and, as a result, may come in contact with it. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee that any menu item is 100% free of gluten.


olives, rosemary, chili, orange zest 6

salumi board house-cured and artisanal meats, pickled vegetables 14 add cheese 17

braised beet salad olive oil poached turnip, carrot, horseradish yogurt 12

mixed green salad market vegetables, patio herb vinaigrette, parmigiano 9

endive salad roasted eggplant and peppers, red wine vinaigrette, provolone piccante 11

market crudo seasonal preparation MP

pane carasau smoked trout, pickled ramps 12

grilled calamari shaved asparagus and radish, lemon, asparagus aioli 13

calabrian pork sausage roasted squash, red onion 10



risotto ramp tops, strawberry, pecorino romano 16

breaded swordfish caper berries, sultanas, roasted onion, sicilian oregano pine nuts 28

whole roasted trout potato, castelvetrano olives 30

roasted chicken patio herb rub, peas, parsnips, lemon 19

zuppa di pesce clams, shrimp, fin fish, calamari, spicy tomato-shrimp brodetto 21

saltimbocca alla romana veal, prosciutto, fingerling potato, anchovy vinaigrette 26

grilled ribeye  fava bean salmoriglio  32



roasted parsnips, gorgonzola butter 7

roasted fennel, preserved lemon, fennel pollen 6

grilled asparagus, lemon 7



Don’t forget, we have a delicious Sunday brunch, too!